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Number of Competitors


Individual Sports

The number of competitors in an individual sport shall be determined by the tournament rules as determined by the NF and communicated by the HOC.


Team Sports

In a team sport a province can only enter one team per division for Male, Female and

Mixed Team.


Sports in the Program

All sports shall be run in compliance with international standards as outlined by IF.

Compulsory Sports

41.1. Each HOCs shall be required to offer all of the following nine (9) sports to both men and women.

  1. Athletics
  2. Basketball
  3. Boxing
  4. Football (soccer)
  5. Power Lifting
  6. Rugby League Nines
  7. Touch
  8. Volleyball – Indoor
  9. Weightlifting

And the tenth (10th) sport, Netball, must be offered to women with a men’s competition being optional. No PSC is obliged to compete in any sport. In the event that a HOC does not receive the required level of interest from PSCs for a particular Compulsory Sport the event may be dropped from the program.

Optional Sports

HOCs may also offer any of the following 25 sports to men, women or both

Additional Sports

Any other sport can be offered by HOCs upon receiving approval from the Council in the form of a Majority Vote.

Paralympic Sports

The HOC is required to offer a Paralympic program consisting of men’s and women’s events in all six (6) of the following sports.


  1. Athletics
  2. Bocce
  3. Goal Ball
  4. Powerlifting
  5. Swimming
  6. Sitting Volleyball


Additional Paralympic sports may also be offered upon receiving approval from the Council in the form of a majority vote.