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Medals & Awards


Prize Medals

Medals shall be awarded to the athletes only.

The prizes of the Games shall be provided by the HOC and shall consist of medals only.

In individual and teams events the First prize shall be a Gold medal to each member who has competed in the prize winning event,


Second prize shall be a silver medal to each member who has competed in the prize-winning event and;

Third prize shall be a bronze medal to each member who has competed in the prize-winning event.

With the exception of Boxing Judo and weightlifting prize medals shall be awarded on the following scale for individual and team events.


  • Four (4) or more contestants: gold, silver and bronze
  • Three (3) contestants: gold and silver only
  • Two (2) contestants: gold only
  • One (1) contestant, no event, no medal.


For Boxing and Judo there will be bronze medals awarded for both loosing semi finalists


For Weightlifting in each weight category there shall be medals for each of the snatch, clean and jerk and the total.


The HOC may choose its own design of the prize medals however the design must be approved by the Executive


Each medal shall be attached to a chain or ribbon of suitable length for presentation purposes.



The distribution of the prize medals are done upon completion of each sporting events by a guest of honor with selected volunteers.


Other ceremonies like the beginning and completion of the Games shall be officially marked in with respective Opening and Closing Ceremonies, which shall be organized by the HOC.

Both Opening and Closing ceremonies shall be designed to celebrate the spirit of the Games and fair competition with a vision of uniting all participants through sport.


Each delegate or official volunteer is entitled to a complimentary ticket to the Opening and Closing ceremony.