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NSWCIS Rugby League Sevens – Under 12’s, 14’s and 16’s, NSWCIS Rugby League Sevens – Under 12’s, 14’s and 16’s


  1. An application can be made by a potential HOC, or in the event that one is not yet created a Provincial Sports Authority may bid on its behalf, providing the organizations have written support from
  2. The Province’s Provincial Sports Authority, and
  3. The Province’s Governor and its Government to underwrite the Games.
  1. Be able to provide adequate accommodation facilities and each venue offering a minimum of 100 beds or bed spaces for provincial teams.
  2. Be able to host a minimum of 20 codes comprising of compulsory and optional sports specified in the Games Charter.
  3. Show cause that it is capable of funding a minimum of 10% of the total Games Budget.
  4. Assure the visiting provincial teams that it is capable of providing logistics support to handle the influx of people for the Games such as airport , wharf & road access, banking, telecommunication and shopping services and be able to provide security and health services.
  5. Indicate in figures financial commitment from Provincial Government to host the Games.
  1. Submit in writing three (3) copies of the bid documents to reach the PNG Games Council Secretariat no later than 25 th September 2016 prior to the Council Meeting at which it is to be presented, and
  2. Present the bid in person at the PNG Games Meeting on the 25 th of November 2016 in Kimbe.
  3. Pay a bidding fee of K10,000 prior to the PNG Games Council Meeting on 25 th of November 2016 which shall be non-refundable should their bid be successful.
  4. All unsuccessful bids shall have their fee refunded.
  5. Should an organization be successful in bidding to Host the 8 th PNG Games in 2020, it shall be held accountable to all promises made during the bidding process in addition to the contract entered into.